Adverse Events Process

Need a Process to Capture Adverse Events in Social Media? Start here.

August 14, 2017
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Setup software and Human Agents to search for adverse events

To reduce regulatory risk, it’s vital that all pharmaceutical companies have an established process to capture adverse events in social media, and report on and escalate adverse events in social media, messaging and chatbots too for your FDA compliance.
Your adverse events process should include both software and human agents. Software is effective at the scale that social media requires, by automatically capturing adverse events and bringing them to the foreground. It also enables the reporting and archiving of the adverse events. Meanwhile, human agents are able to catch the adverse events typically missed by automated software, such as “me too’s,” sarcasm, inflection, misspellings, and syntax.

Review adverse event content on posts and comments

As LiveWorld has discussed previously, pharmacovigilance and marketing should work together to develop the process. This includes creating the rules for the identification and notifications of adverse events to pharmacovigilance, along with scripted brand responses from marketing. It’s important to develop a sub-process so you can continually improve the effectiveness of your scripted responses.

Setup Workflows to Manage the adverse event data

Use this process to capture adverse events in social media.
Capture & Report on Adverse Events
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