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Case Study Mt. Sinai

Case Study: Mt. Sinai Online Community Management

Creating an online community to address patient and caregiver needs

Navigating Dementia: A Mount Sinai Health System Community


Mount Sinai Health System wanted to better connect with patients in its community and offer continuity of care for those with complex diseases such as dementia. To better reach people and create an ongoing patient/provider relationship, they partnered with LiveWorld to create an online community called Navigating Dementia.



Mount Sinai Health System wanted to uphold its core value proposition to provide compassionate patient care and advance medicine in the many diverse communities it serves. To do this, the healthcare organization needed to increase its ability to reach out to patients and the community, meeting them where they were as opposed to requiring the community to come to Mount Sinai.


LiveWorld partnered with Mount Sinai Health System to create an online community, Navigating Dementia, which focuses on addressing patient and caregiver needs. This Facebook Group is guided by geriatric experts and recruited members from in-house databases, HCP referrals, search engine marketing, Facebook ads and personal invitations. Navigating Dementia provides caregivers with practical, logistical and financial advice and addresses their emotional needs. Members also receive access to a dedicated clinician.


The Navigating Dementia community created a structured pathway to care for patients and their caregivers. It gained the confidence of the community by providing sound healthcare content and tapping into trusted providers. The program enabled Mount Sinai to improve its continuity of care by changing the patient/hospital relationship from occasional to ongoing and enhanced Mount Sinai’s reputation by showing community commitment.

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