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Case Study Rite Aid UGC

Case Study: Rite Aid Leveraging curated
UGC to drive ROI

Rite Aid Achieves Nearly $375k ROI Leveraging Curated UGC

Rite Aid needed to adapt to new norms to understand and serve their customer’s changing needs. 


With nearly 2,500 locations and a top Fortune 500 ranking, Rite Aid is one of the largest and most recognized drugstore chains in the nation. Keeping customers engaged with the brand through various social media channels is a never-ending endeavor, consuming a significant amount of resources. Rite Aid understood the value of leveraging organic, user-generated content in social media in branded posts but needed an efficient solution to make that happen. LiveWorld, with its vast understanding of the brand and brand voice, proved to be the right solution to turn this plan into a reality.



Rite Aid wanted to increase brand engagement with new social media content, but the social media team had a limited content budget. A single, typical talent shoot can cost more than $5,000 and social influencers charge $250 or more per post. The team wanted to reduce its reliance on staged photography and having to continually invent posts that they weren’t certain resonated with their customers. They began exploring ways to amplify authentic, user-generated content as a way to not only generate fresh, relevant content but to also add the voice of their customers to their social media marketing efforts.


Rite Aid was already utilizing LiveWorld’s content moderation services, where company agents continually review and respond to social media posts and comments that mention their brand and flag any customer service issues discovered on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Google Business. When Rite Aid expressed their interest in bringing the voice of their customer into their marketing efforts, LiveWorld broadened the lens of the content moderation services underway to actively identify user-generated content on those same platforms. Now, as LiveWorld scans social posts for potential concerns, its team also locates and secures appropriate branded photos, videos and comments that Rite Aid then reviews and uses in their branded social posts at no cost. With a means to capture the authentic voice of their customers, Rite Aid has been able to develop a pipeline of relevant content with minimal resources while boosting the brand’s social engagement.


By leveraging organic, user-generated content to promote its brand and increase customer engagement, Rite Aid has achieved a nearly $375K return on investment while building its relationships with customers. Once UGC ad yielded 410K engagements (shares, likes. comments) and drove the overall metric up 12%. The same post on Instagram was their highest-reaching post ever on the channel; and, in email, it drove a 50% lift in banner clicks.