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Case Study:
Shipping and Logistics Leader

Social customer service in the era of real-time

Raising the social customer experience for this shipping & logistics leader


This international logistics company covers every U.S. street address and services more than 220 countries and territories. With such a global footprint, the company requires 24/7 coverage of its social properties. It knows that customer service issues expressed on social media need to be responded to or escalated quickly. Because of LiveWorld’s ability to organize and prioritize customer conversations in social media, this company ensures its customers have a more positive customer experience.


Maintaining 24/7 coverage of social media is challenging for a company with a huge global footprint. The company receives a high volume of social media activity from their customers on Facebook and Twitter and wants to be able to efficiently respond and interact with them one-on-one. However, its internal community managers and social media marketers were drowning using social media marketing suites to handle the large volume of conversations. The impact was negatively affecting the customer’s experience and customer service standards were compromised.


LiveWorld put together a two-part solution to raise the quality of the social customer experience and deliver remarkable customer service. First, we implemented our moderation services that bend human and software to review all user-generated content to relieve the burden on the internal team. Where applicable, LiveWorld agents were used to interact with customers one-on-one with pre-approved comments. For the second part, our engagement services allowed the brand to respond only to the most urgent and important customer issues. We set up escalation workflows, so agents could route customer conversations to the right teams. This way, the company’s internal team could focus on escalation and engagement and having more customer conversations.


The global provider of logistical services is now able to offer customers more responsive customer service and a real-time brand presence in social media that upholds the brand’s standards. Today, the company’s online social customer experience acts as a continuation of the brand. The brand’s customers receive the customer service they expect, and the company receives greater brand appreciation and customer satisfaction metrics.