Creating brand awareness and boosting product trials in a niche market

For medical professionals and their patients with food allergies, there is a need for specific nutritional solutions to help manage these conditions and improve lives.


People with food allergies often need to use an amino acid-based formula (AAF) to provide proper nutrition. However, since not all AAFs are the same, we needed to both raise awareness and find ways to stand out in a crowded market.


The AAF market has seen the entrance of big players as well as various types of hypoallergenic formulas and plant-based milk alternatives. As a challenger brand, it was essential to promote symptom recognition earlier and then raise awareness of the range of products and benefits offered, so that HCPs and patients turn to this brand first, and stay on it longer.


Knowing the power of strong social and using digital as part of a multi-channel engagement strategy, we created a combination of targeted content to break through the clutter and drive brand awareness, consideration and action among HCPs and patients. Our focus was to gain market share by leveraging creative visuals and messaging to show clear differentiation and superiority claims with targeting strategies to specifically reach our audiences. It was critical to align messaging with audience journeys to drive interest, increase trial via sampling, and promote additional support and resources. Additionally, media investment was optimized where signals of intent were the strongest. Data and results were also leveraged to identify relevant messages and topics, helping tailor resources to move the needle.


The campaign has provided the brand with an ownable voice on digital and social channels, and has amplified messaging with HCPs and consumers through innovative and informative content.We have also driven engagement and a consistent sampling stream through social and digital media. Moreover, our success has translated in the data, where we have seen a gain in market share and product perceptions.