CEO Peter Friedman Offers Social Media Insight on C-Suite TV

September 25, 2014
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing


Engagement, strategy, and moderation are all critical for establishing a strong brand identity on social media, which leads to a consistent customer experience and ROI from these channels. Yet even Fortune 500 companies struggle with it, from creating a cohesive strategy, executing programs, and finding the right part of the organization to manage different platforms. It’s a delicate balance, and one that requires a holistic approach.

Some organizations turn to technology to manage social media, but technology alone isn’t enough. It takes away the human touch necessary for customers to feel engaged and valued, preventing the company’s social media channels from becoming a community. In today’s marketplace, where consumers not only need to love the product but the customer service and feel valued, no community means that social media channels are the equivalent of traditional advertising: broadcasting messages that customers tune out.

In this interview on C-Suite TV, LiveWorld’s very own CEO, Peter Friedman, talks about how to build that community, using technology to enhance what people do but not replace it. He provides an inside look at LiveWorld and how his (and our team’s) experience at Apple helped form the mixture of both culture and brand that is the hallmark of LiveWorld’s approach to social media. Get a peek behind the curtain as Friedman describes how to create the ultimate community, maximize ROI, and truly succeed, all while creating a memorable customer experience.
Watch the full video here.