Changing HCP Minds with Social Media

May 26, 2023
Posted by: Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy- HCP

A LiveWorld-Sermo survey of 206 physicians across ten specialties found that clinical information delivered on social media changed minds and drove behavior change.

  • 57% changed their POV on a new treatment or medication
  • 41% changed the medicine they prescribed

With 75% of American physicians using public and private social media for professional purposes, social creative can leverage the pervasive power of this emerging. channel. This is especially true for Millennial and Generation Z physicians who want to personally determine when, where, and how they access short, factual, telegraphic, and snackable video or graphic content from pharma brands on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or behind the gates of Sermo, Doximity, or other so-called “Walled Gardens.”

Access to social media expertise that has daily dealings with and a deep understanding of the technical, compliance, and strategic nuances of this complex and evolving pathway separates the winners from the losers. HCP behavior and platform features and functionalities are in a constant state of change that requires participation and vigilance.

One-size-fits-all messaging is no longer effective. Marketers need to create content that aligns with evolving usage patterns on each platform and aim specific messages to HCPs using social media based on age, practice type, years in practice or specialty.

Ways of influencing HCPs are also in-flux. Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are redefining their missions amid the growth and popularity of Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) and the resumption of in-person meetings and congresses. Social media is playing a critical role in promoting congress participation, KOL presentations or distribution of white papers and clinical data sets with before, during and after messaging, often on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Peer-to-peer interactions are highly prized since many HCPS want to share cases, get advice, and hear opinions from practitioners facing the same patient populations and clinical challenges as they do. 80 precent of HCPs surveyed rely on social media to maintain professional relationships. And 46% actively follow a Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) primarily on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Social media is not a flash in the pan. It is democratizing the practice and the hierarchies in medicine and will continue to grow in breath, use and engagement. Be sure you have the right expertise on your team or among your partners to maximize its promotional value.

To get the full picture, download the LiveWorld-Sermo HCP Social Media Survey Research eBook

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