CMAD: A salute to community managers

January 24, 2011
Posted by: Jenna Woodul

In its second year, today’s Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD) was started to thank those folks who work on behalf of customers, trying to improve their online experience, represent the community to brand management, and speak for brands to the community. Community Managers spend their time making online environments feel comfortable, initiating and supporting customs that create a community culture, listening carefully to what people are saying, and troubleshooting the issues behind their words.
At LiveWorld, we’re happy to join in a collective salute to a role that makes all the difference in an online environment. While technology continues to advance, providing us with new and interesting ways to connect, nothing takes the place of the personal touch — the sensitivity to tone, the awareness of subtle change, the personality to reach out and connect, and the judgment to make decisions that affect people’s online experience. In our own company, the people who work in community management — whether from the community programming, client support, or moderation side of things — are continuously involved in supporting that warming cultural factor that turns online applications into places where people want to spend their time and connect with others. So here’s to them, and to all the rest of you out there who do the same!