Creating pharma social media content that resonates

Creating Pharma Social Media Content that Breaks Through

March 8, 2021
Posted by: Jena Dengrove, VP- Creative Director

Today, it’s harder than ever for pharmaceutical marketers to capture attention. They face noise from a surge in online usage, new platforms and fewer in-person events. How can marketers keep up and stand out? Keep the following in mind to create attention-grabbing and behavior-changing content.

ONE: Understand what your audience wants.

Patients want to be understood. They want brands to reflect their challenges, their condition and the journey they’re going through on a daily basis.
For example, consider the typical ad for migraine medicines. How many show people laughing or traveling? Instead, this website shows a patient in a dark bedroom, something familiar to many migraine suffers – and then clearly provides valuable information on a treatment.
Migraine website

TWO: Storytelling works.

Use stories to showcase experiences that will resonate with your audience. This will create common ground and deepen relationships, which will put your audience in the mindset where they are more receptive to undertake the actions you’re suggesting.
Firsthand stories are a powerful tool. Here, a brand developed a testimonial-style video of an oncologist who was diagnosed with cancer and became a patient himself.
pharma storytelling

THREE: Entertain and surprise.

Patients want to be entertained. Pharmaceutical marketers shouldn’t be afraid to show personality to connect to their audience and sustain interest. Creative with a surprising twist is one way. Quizzes are another effective tool and are high performing on social media.
This example promotes a prostate cancer medicine where the patients are men. However, the target audience of this campaign are women, because the brand’s marketers knew the best way to reach patients was through the women in their lives. The brand used a humorous tone and a surprising ask – to nag – to grab attention and spur action.
prostate cancer medicine

FOUR: Video reigns.

When it comes to storytelling, nothing beats video. Follow this guidance:

  • Keep videos short: 15-30 second videos work best for most social platforms.
  • Lead with a strong brand message: A portion of your audience will drop after 5 seconds.
  • Add subtitles: Many people watch videos without sound.
  • Make it visually appealing. Build emotion by letting the visuals do the talking.


FIVE: Use the CTA wisely.

Don’t assume your audience knows what step you want them to take. Use the call-to-action button to show your audience the desired next step, such as click to take the quiz.
Take quiz CTA

SIX: You don’t have to do this alone.

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