Creative & Compliant Pharma Marketing

Creative & Compliant Pharma Marketing

November 13, 2020
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

The surge in digital and social media usage combined with the elimination of in-person events is creating new challenges and opportunities for pharma marketers to capture attention. Adding to the predicament are, new platforms such as TikTok and ever-changing targeting capabilities of existing channels make it difficult to keep up and remain competitive.

Marketing and MRL Need Better Alignment

Given this dynamic environment, we see two problems that typically hinder successful product launches and campaigns. 
The first is developing campaign creative that stands out, engages, and is effective at changing desired behaviors. The second is keeping marketing and MRL teams current on digital marketing best practices with a review and approval processes that encourage quick adoption and rapid approvals of digital and social media activations. 
Internal alignment and agility are now critical success factors and indicators of an organization’s ability to cultivate customer engagement and boost market impact. 

Getting Creative While Remaining Compliant 

In a recent LiveWorld webinar, Dawn Lacallade, Chief Social Strategist, Vice President Healthcare, and Jena Dengrove, Vice President, Creative Director, outlined compliance challenges and solutions to develop attention grabbing and behavior changing content, resulting in faster time-to-market and more ‘green-lit’ marketing projects.
If getting creative ideas approved quickly with your MRL teams seems like a battle and you feel like you’re making unnecessary compromises with creative concepts and content executions, view the on-demand webinar below for ways to combat these issues.