Don't Be Tricked: LiveWorld's Top Social Media Treats

October 31, 2013
Posted by: Peter Friedman, Founder, Chairman & CEO

We’re often asked how we help the world’s biggest brands maximize the results of social. Their daunting task can involve managing hundreds of social pages with hundreds of thousands of comments in dozens of languages. (Actually, LiveWorld supports up to 70 country-language combinations, to be exact.)
Here is a quick list of the kinds of things we help our clients do to develop effective social programs.
Develop a socialized view of the brand that defines how customers will experience it through dialogue and relationships in social media.

  • Set goals with smart key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Develop a content programming plan that makes promoting conversation among customers, not broadcasting brand messaging, the top priority.
  • When posting, use a customer-centric topic mix – 40 percent social, 40 category, 20 percent brand/products. It really does create more engagement and in turn more reach and impact.
  • Put a social crisis management plan in place before the crises happen.
  • Respond to customers personally, with quality human moderators, not algorithms.
  • Find the balance between readily interacting with customers and dominating the conversation, effectively squeezing the customers’ voice from the page.
  • Embrace, diffuse, or even leverage social media crises. Don’t ignore, dismiss, control, or delete flashpoints.
  • We offer a wealth of data-backed best-practice expertise, stuff like: Short posts tend to perform better. Asking questions spurs dialogue, and particularly if those questions are inserted at the end, not the beginning, of a post. Sometimes the little stuff makes a big difference.

For more details about the great work we’re doing for clients, check out the recent AdWeek article, “Walmart’s Social Is Getting 10X ROI and Tens of Thousands of Daily Interactions.