Peter Friedman, CEO LiveWorld

Patients Are Trying To Engage With You On Social Media. Are You Ready?

August 3, 2016
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

It’s time for pharma and healthcare companies to engage with their patients on social media. Because smartphones are the center of the customer and patient experience, patients expect 1-on-1 direct dialogue. Patient engagement is now more important than ever before.

These conversations can directly contribute to the patient journey and the overall patient experience. And they can have a big impact on your bottom line. Interacting with customers and patients in a personal, engaged way is transforming businesses, including pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Check out the video above to learn more about using the power of conversation to become more patient-centric.

1-on-1 conversations are transforming customer engagement for FDA-compliant pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. By humanizing conversations, customers and patients will reward you with allegiance.

Whether these conversations are in social media or in a messaging app, they can directly contribute to the patient journey and the patient experience. The smartphone is becoming the center of the customer experience. It’s where your customers expect to shop, meet other patients and have conversations.
These free-form conversations reduce the distance between patients, customers, healthcare providers, and pharmaceuticals. Ultimately, this will increase the quality of healthcare patients receive, while reducing the costs and improving revenue.

“Free-form conversation will reduce the qualitative distance between healthcare providers and patients and enable us to improve healthcare while reducing the cost and improving revenue.” – Peter Friedman

Peter Friedman, LiveWorld CEO, shared this at the recent 12th Annual Public Relations & Communications Summit at Pfizer’s headquarters.
At the Summit, Peter discussed that pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers can get closer to customers, creating a personal connection with customers and patients. It’s easier than ever to engage and educate your patients and customers through the power of humanizing conversations.
Watch the video above to learn how others are getting closer to patients and creating a personal connection in Peter’s short video from the Public Relations & Communications Summit.
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