Essential Social Media Updates for June 2024: What Marketers Need to Know

July 2, 2024
Posted by: Reagan Castleman, Social Media Manager

As we move through 2024, the social media landscape is continuing to evolve, with platforms introducing new features, addressing legal challenges, and integrating AI. Here’s a look at the latest updates from major social media platforms in June 2024. 

Meta: Dominating the Charts and Navigating Regulations 

Meta continues to lead the social media world with its apps consistently topping download charts. However, the company faces significant regulatory challenges, especially in Europe. 

  • App Dominance: Meta’s apps remain at the top of download charts, showcasing their continued popularity. 
  • Regulatory Pressure: Meta pauses plans to train AI using European users’ data due to GDPR regulations. 
  • AI Training: In the U.S., Meta is tapping into user-generated content to train its AI. Users can opt-out by setting their accounts to private; only public accounts are used for AI training, at this time. 

Facebook: Enhancing Engagement and Content Creation 

Facebook is introducing new features to boost engagement and support content creators, especially those with large followings. 

  • Broadcast Channels: Available for Pages with over 10,000 followers, these one-way messaging channels help large companies communicate directly with followers. 
  • Automated Creative Variations: Testing an “auto A/B” option for Reels, allowing page managers to experiment with different creative variations for organic posts. 

Instagram: Innovating for Creators and Advertisers 

Instagram continues to launch new features designed to enhance both user and creator experiences. 

  • Trial Reels: Testing reels that don’t display to followers, allowing creators to experiment without pressure. 
  • New Ads: Testing disruptive ads overlaid on user stories, providing more options for advertisers. 
  • AI Versions of Creators: Soon enabling creators to build AI versions of themselves for personalized interactions. 
  • Chat Widgets: Experimenting with widgets to boost engagement, recognizing the importance of interaction in DMs. 
  • Algorithm Insights: Sharing insights into its algorithms and creator monetization strategies. 

X/Twitter: Shifting Privacy and Marketing Strategies 

Twitter, now rebranded as X, is making significant changes to enhance user privacy and marketing education. 

  • Ads Academy: Launching a platform to educate marketers on optimizing ad strategies. 
  • Private Likes: Likes are now private, impacting how users interact with content. 

LinkedIn: Expanding Ad Tools and Premium Features 

LinkedIn is enhancing its advertising capabilities and premium features to support businesses and marketers. 

  • Premium Video Ads: Introducing a video sponsorship program called “The Wire” for in-stream video ads. 
  • Newsletter Tools: New features for designing covers, embedding profiles, and getting subscriber alerts, with a reported spike in engagement. 

TikTok: Leveraging AI and Facing Legal Hurdles 

TikTok is embracing AI while navigating legal challenges, particularly in the U.S. 

  • AI Avatars: Introducing generative AI avatars for branded content and ads. 
  • Image Search: Rolling out image search capabilities in TikTok Shop, challenging Google. 
  • Cybersecurity: Appointing firms to assess its U.S. data security as part of “Project Texas.” 
  • New App: Launching an image-sharing app called Whee, designed for sharing with friends. 

Threads: Enhancing Cross-Platform Functionality 

Threads is testing updates to improve cross-platform integration and user experience. 

Snapchat: Ensuring Brand Safety 

Snapchat is focusing on brand safety with new verification tools. 

YouTube: Innovating User Engagement 

YouTube is testing features to enhance user engagement and content discovery. 

Reddit: Enhancing Ad Safety and User Discovery 

Reddit is partnering with DoubleVerify to improve ad safety and sharing insights into user discovery trends. 

  • Discovery Trends: Sharing insights into how users discover content on the platform. 

Pinterest: Optimizing Ad Performance with AI 

Pinterest is testing AI-based tools to enhance ad performance and user engagement. 

  • Performance+: Testing automated ad campaigns for optimized Promoted Pin creation. 
  • Ad Collages: Testing new ad formats with a small group of advertisers. 
  • Video Sharing: Users can now turn boards into videos for sharing on Instagram and TikTok. 

Other Notable Updates 

Several other platforms are also making significant changes to improve user experience and engagement. 

  • Butterflies: A new app featuring AI-driven interactions. 
  • Google Indexing: Google is now indexing Instagram content, expanding social search capabilities. 

Final Thoughts 

Staying informed about these updates is crucial for marketers, creators, and users alike. 


Reagan Castleman is the Social Media Manager for LiveWorld’s social profiles. She enhances audience engagement through effective strategies that leverage both paid and organic channels. She can talk about social for literally hours and when she is not talking about it, she is researching all the little intricacies of each platform to make sure the social strategy for LiveWorld is current.