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Facebook Comment Moderation with LiveWorld Software

September 1, 2017
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Moderate Facebook Comments and Enhance User Engagement

To allow comments or not to allow comments? Organizations in virtually every industry grapple with this question.
Brands crave customer engagement, but active consumer involvement can be a double-edge sword. For every helpful or inquisitive comment, there are likely an equal amount of spiteful, rude and even inappropriate comments. Your customers have the power to significantly harm your brand. In real time.
Some choose to remove the comment option from their pages entirely. Effective at controlling negative conversation, but costly in terms of customer engagement and perception. Some companies commit staff to stay on top of the comments to keep them from getting out of hand. Effective to the point where volume exceeds resources or overhead costs exceeds feasibility. And manually moderating comments hasn’t always been easy. It takes time, resources and good eyes, and even then, not all comments are properly handled. Negative comments don’t come with a red flag, causing many to be missed until the damage is done.
If your brand is faced with this all-too-common dilemma, read on. You need not face the Sophie’s Choice of sacrificing your brand, customer engagement, or resources.

Facebook comments social plugin - LiveWorld

Facebook comments that need brand engagement

Enhanced Support for Facebook Comments Social Plugin

It’s not a secret that customer engagement is an essential element of marketing. Encouraging customer conversation on your brand’s website and blog is smart. It enables brands to interact with their customers, increase brand loyalty and boost SEO.
The Times of London recently reported an interesting statistic they found from analyzing comments on their own web page. They learned that subscribers who comment read three times as many articles as those who don’t. This engaged audience is staying on the website longer, generating a greater number of views and returning to the website more frequently to follow comment threads and read more articles. These are high value, loyal customers.  Removing the ability to comment could be a costly mistake that abandons these and future loyalists.
However, due to the potentially damaging nature of comments, only brands who are committed to moderating posts in real time will be able to ensure the content appropriately reflects the brand.
One of the best ways for organizations to add a comments section to a web page or blog site is to use the Facebook Comments Social Plugin. The module allows brands to easily engage users natively without a chat tool integration. Brands can gain insight and identify their users through their social profile, enabling more personal interactions. Users, in turn, are more likely to feel secure using the familiar Facebook Messaging platform without having to leave the website to do so.
While the Facebook plugin is great for comments, it does not offer brands the ability to connect with backend systems, route a chat interaction to the appropriate team/agent, or provide analytic insights. In order to not only connect with the customer but to resolve issues for the ultimate social customer service, organizations need more.

Automate Facebook Comment Moderation with Liveworld Software

LiveWorld software makes the Facebook Comments Social Plugin a more comprehensive, viable option for brands. It ingests user content from the Facebook plugin installed on your web page and allows you to use the full capabilities of our platform. Engage your users, moderate sensitive comments, resolve user issues, and measure performance from your web properties just as you would using LiveWorld software for messaging apps and social media.
The LiveWorld platform brings all of your customer content into a single, organized interface and allows you to scale your customer engagement through automated processes and workflows. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies can use our platform to monitor for adverse events in Facebook comments on their website or blog page to continue to ensure FDA compliance.

Finding Brand Mentions Outside of Your Facebook Wall

Not all comments are as easy to moderate as those on your own Facebook wall or website. Brand mentions can pop up on other Facebook walls. In fact, lengthy conversations about your brand can be missed completely, if you aren’t using the right technology to find them all. If you want to know what people are saying behind your back, so to speak, you have to have eyes and ears outside of your known circle.
With LiveWorld’s software, you can join users in conversations about your brand even when they are commenting on another brand’s Facebook  page. LiveWorld’s platform pulls in user content across Facebook, enabling organizations to utilize a single interface to see brand-mentioned content and actually do something about it if desired. Brands gain a better understanding of what people are saying about their brand, can personally respond to questions and comments, and automatically create customer service cases on which the customer service team follows up to resolve.
If people are so inclined to comment on your website, blog page or Facebook page, removing their capacity to do so likely won’t be the end of it. They will find other places to get their point out there. Be there when they do.