Get in the Conversation with TikTok Content Moderation for Pharma brands

July 12, 2022
Posted by: Anu Shah, VP- Software

The world’s fastest-growing digital entertainment platform, TikTok, is now supported by the LiveWorld Conversation Management Platform. LiveWorld has integrated TikTok’s API for both organic content and paid advertising. Respond, hide, tag, measure, moderate and engage with TikTok posts and conversations, all in one convenient place.

Organic and Paid 

The surging popularity of TikTok can be attributed to its unique features and the instant gratification it provides – resulting in more creators and brands flocking to the platform. LiveWorld’s integration with TikTok’s API for both organic content and paid advertising means you have visibility into all TikTok posts and comments without requiring native monitoring. To better scale cross-channel monitoring, LiveWorld enables brand moderation on TikTok and all social channels for engagement, social customer service, social media marketing, content moderation, and response campaigns. 


Monitor, Moderate & Engage 

Robust content moderation allows for meaningful engagements and comment responses, bringing brands even closer to their TikTok audiences with highly personal interactions. With extensive content search capability, author linking, labeling and managing, you can efficiently activate response and engagement campaigns for marketing and social customer care. 

Understand performance 

LiveWorld-powered brands can view, search, and organize all their TikTok organic and paid conversational performance metrics across teams including engagement and response time. Quick, clear, and shared insights enable brands to maintain brand protection and stay relevant on the dynamic viral video platform.


LiveWorld collaborates with TikTok’s global business team as well as engineering to provide you with access, not only to TikTok content management, but also the strategy necessary to target your audience on TikTok. LiveWorld hosts frequent webinars with the TikTok team and pharma marketing veterans to share the best strategies for TikTok marketing.

We continuously improve our software and services to keep pace with the ever-evolving social channels. Join one of our many virtual events or download the latest eBook or tip sheet to stay informed on how you can best use TikTok and the next platform to grow your business. 

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