Healthcare Pros Demand Tailored Pharma Data

September 20, 2023
Posted by: Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy- HCP

HCPs want personalized multi-dimensional pre-packaged messaging from pharma.

That’s the key takeaway from Precisionxtract’s 2023 HCP Annual Insights Report which surveyed 100 actively practicing physicians who see an average of 116 patients each week.

For most HCPs efficacy data for new medications or new treatment options isn’t enough to drive a change in prescribing behavior. Doctors expect information geared toward the dimensions and population of their practice. This would include understanding patients’ healthcare plans, the specifics of their practice and offices, and current treatment attitudes and preferences.

Increasingly HCP clinical decisions are heavily influenced by cost and payer coverage. 95% of survey responders reported making a change in clinical management based on a patient’s insurance coverage. Up to 40% of a typical patient visit is spent discussing access and insurance coverage. 86% of participating doctors say formulary wins are critical factors in their prescribing decisions.

Mechanics also matter. 79% of survey participants are more likely to prescribe a drug if they understand and can expedite the pre-authorization process. The paperwork requirements are daunting and 7 in 10 physicians wish they had an automated tool to fill in patient support enrollment forms.

Accessing patient support programs is a genuine pain point. 8 in 10 practitioners frequently seek out support resources which generally include co-pay cards, samples, and patient education materials. Optimizing user experience on branded websites to facilitate quick answers to expected questions and objections should also be on the marketing agenda.

Physicians want to engage patients realistically with a full spectrum of relevant information. This need requires pharma marketers to gather and package clinical, payer, practical, and cost data to arm and empower frontline HCPs.



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