In the Wake of the Paris Attacks: How Brands Can Prepare for a Crisis to Preserve Customer Experience

November 15, 2015
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Was your marketing team caught off-guard by the recent attacks in Paris? Brands must have assurance that inappropriate content and untimely previously scheduled marketing content is not published on social channels during a crisis. What’s more, brands should take the extra effort to be prepared to pivot when tragedies happen in order to maintain a good customer experience.
Marketing and social professionals at large enterprise brands must be prepared to respond respectfully and quickly in the wake of a crisis or tragedy. But there are a lot of moving pieces that you’re probably already keeping track of and managing day-to-day for your social marketing efforts, such as your brand’s social/digital agency partners, social moderators, interns and employees tasked with social media efforts, and community managers. These groups are your communications front line in social media. These teams reflect your organization’s values and must know how to react in order to respond with respect and sympathy during a crisis.
LiveWorld has written a best practice guide for Responding To Crises & National Events. The downloadable guide provides direction on how marketing and social teams can prepare for and respond appropriately during moments of tragedy, along with clear and concise points for crisis response by brands. Some of the advice laid out in the white paper that can help brands better address moments of crisis include:

  • Preparing for a tragedy with respectful responses
  • Tips for replies that reflect national sentiment and feelings
  • Social media “all-stop” guidelines for your brand and publishing partners

Recognizing and responding to a crisis or tragic event with appropriateness and timeliness is key to maintaining a respectful customer experience. Click here to download LiveWorld’s guide for more information and additional recommendations.