How to Inspire Collaboration That Creates Real ROI

November 6, 2013
Posted by: Peter Friedman, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Seventy people volunteered to work for free for 6 months to help me launch my company. Here’s why, and how we keep that enthusiasm alive in our culture 17 years later.
My passion for creating powerful collaborative relationships started with what I learned from watching my father.
My family had a large printing and publishing company in New York City where my father was the head of sales and engineering, a very unusual combination. He always had the view that the best success comes from good collaborative relationships.  In his 50s, he broke away from the family business to start a new printing company.  As head of engineering for years, he had developed and patented many new designs for printing presses and bindery machines. When he stared his new company, the two companies who manufactured those machines for our business were excited to be able to work with him on the new venture.
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