Introducing LiveWorld Content Review System API

June 12, 2012
Posted by: Jenna Woodul

We are proud to announce the LiveWorld Content Review System(CRS) API. Using the CRS API, a LiveWorld client or their agency can securely access content that has been processed (moderated, replied to, tagged with insights) by the CRS.
User generated content from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress blogs and custom sites is being aggregated, moderated, tagged and responded to using the LiveWorld CRS. The user generated content can now be queried by LiveWorld clients and their agencies to support their own unique workflows and management of user generated content.
To support the developers using the CRS API, we have included the CRS API Explorer with the documentation. The CRS API Explorer provides a simple web interface that developers can use to test unique API queries and immediately view the response.

CRS API Explorer


All API requests occur over HTTPS and can be accessed from All APIs support JSON and XML response formats. For complete documentation visit
We look forward to seeing what unique integrations come from the use of the CRS API.
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