Jay Bryant to Pixels & Pills: Pharma brand marketing on Facebook is a manageable risk

July 18, 2011
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Following a discussion that he led at the BDI Social Communications & Healthcare 2011 roundtables last week, our LiveWorld Sales VP, Jay Bryant, checks in with Pixels & Pills’ Sarah for a conversation about social media’s impact on the pharmaceutical industry.
In the interview, Jay addresses the concern that many pharma brands raise as they participate in social media, particularly on Facebook:  the monitoring and reporting of adverse events.
Says Jay: “When pharma gets involved in social media, it’s not opening up a floodgate of additional work for them, handling all these adverse events, which has always been a big fear. The reality is, it really isn’t [a huge risk], if you properly manage and anticipate what’s going on. So much of what they find as an adverse event is something that’s coming through an existing channels. … Most of the time, the stuff that we’re reporting they already know about. A lot of it then becomes a documentation process for them, and sending in the appropriate information to the FDA.”
Jay also cites a recent LiveWorld case study of five pharma brand Facebook Pages in which just 2 % of all Wall and News Feed comments constituted adverse events.