LiveWorld accepted into Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program, Pages Category

April 18, 2012
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

LiveWorld is proud to be listed as one of the companies included in the Facebook® announcement of its new Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program, in the Pages category.  With proven experience scaling social media programs through moderation, insight and community programming, LiveWorld is now a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, qualified by the PMD program in Pages.
What is the Facebook PMD Program?
Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program helps developers create products that make social marketing easier and more effective.  With proven expertise in the social mechanics and technical possibilities of the Facebook platform, PMDs are experienced developers who have built numerous Facebook integrations and offer solutions ranging across page tools, ads tools, custom integrations, and insights tools.
PMDs are qualified by Facebook under four possible categories:

  • Pages – Post scheduling and targeting, moderation, permissioning, and other tools to manage Facebook Pages.
  • Ads – Advanced ad creation, campaign management, and reporting capabilities.
  • Apps – Services and platforms for building socially enabled integrations – customized or self service.
  • Insights – Page and post analysis, benchmarking, KPI tracking, and other tools for measuring performance across Facebook objects.

What does it mean for LiveWorld clients?
LiveWorld provides a combination of technology and human services to scale your social media programs through moderation, insight and community programming. Our clients use these solutions for marketing, support and insight. As a Facebook PMD, LiveWorld has increased access to Facebook employees, training, and events,  elevating the level of solutions we can offer our clients as we help them with new and existing Facebook initiatives. LiveWorld offers a series of applications, toolsets, and platforms designed to stimulate more conversation and relationships among and with a brand’s customers, and/or aggregate conversations, curate user input, and distribute it appropriately across brand projects and the corporate organization. In particular, our User Content Management System (USMS) platform integrated with Facebook via the API, enables large scale delivery of human review and management of user content for

Companies are dealing with the need for scale, brand protection, and customer engagement as they manage increasing volumes of user content on an increasing number of Facebook Pages. The LiveWorld technology platform, coupled with our human review, management, and insight, solves those issues, encouraging our clients to do more with Facebook.  Brand managers can use our combination of technology and human review (Tech-Powered Human Touch) to improve their customer engagement programs, and to ensure consistency of response across social channels.
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