LiveWorld Curator for moderation and insight

May 9, 2011
Posted by: Jenna Woodul

A massive amount of content that could be of interest to your customers floods the web every day. It may be what people are saying about your brand or what they’re saying about your industry — or current events that fall into the sphere of your brand culture, or even seasonal topics. While it’s great to be able to pull together a flow of such posts, what often happens is that keywords also bring in spam and inappropriate or duplicative comments as well. What’s ideal is to be able to aggregate and then curate them — selectively featuring the most meaningful and interesting on your Facebook Page or websites.

Aggregate and curate for display

Today we’re launching a product that combines human understanding of goals and relevancy with technology that supports a process of collecting, classifying, and displaying in a timely, appealing way. LiveWorld Curator and our Moderation Services permit brands and agencies to aggregate and curate Twitter (and soon other social networks). As tweets come in from your keyword searches, Curator collects and shows them to our live moderators — who then use our moderation tools to sort out spam and irrelevancies before releasing them for display. Your constituency can then see the most meaningful comments, without having to wade through everything.
Our example here shows relevant tweets coming in about wine. It may have already weeded out crass jokes about the after-effects of too much partying, blatant spam posts, or other irrelevant or offensive comments. What’s left is information useful to the people interested in legitimate talk about wine. An organization sponsoring celebrity, business, or political events can do the same with tweets about the speakers or issues involved. Companies can provide nearly real-time social connection to anything going on in the world that might relate to their particular industries — from marketing and business information to news, weather, sports, food, holidays, and the whole gamut of potentially relevant and interesting topics. It’s even possible to change the display widget settings to bring in content on different topics or multiple topics at the same time. You can change it it as often as you like, so that what you’re collecting is always fresh and timely.

Human judgment for insight and escalation

Given that moderators are reading every post for appropriateness and relevance, they can also classify or route the posts according to a system that makes sense for your goals — customer service escalations, specific product mentions or requests, brewing issues, complaints or praise — noting which need immediate response from other parts of your organization, or which ones are particularly suitable for featuring in some marketing context. Analyzing this segmented information, we can then provide you with actionable recommendations that go beyond the typical top-line categorization (positive-negative-neutral), which often doesn’t provide enough detail for informed decision making.
We intend Curator and Moderation Services together to provide a full system for aggregation, moderation, curation, display, and insight. We’re looking forward to the many ways our clients may use it, and to helping them get the most useful insight from all the daily content production out there on the social web. How would you use it?