LiveWorld / Nutricia Real Foods Blend campaign named 2023 PM360 Pharma Choice Award Winner for Social Media

February 14, 2023
Posted by: Pam Flores, Account Director

In early 2022, LiveWorld partnered with Nutricia Real Food Blends in support of their new product launch: Real Food Blends Mini, a smaller, snack-size option made from ingredients known to help with bowel function for tube-fed people.

The campaign targeted both patients and HCPs using a social first strategy, and was so well received, it won silver in the social media category as voted by industry peers.


About the Campaign

Creating a surround-sound approach, the program was designed to follow a user journey from awareness to consideration to action and advocacy. Tactics included social media ads for both patient/caregiver and HCP audiences, a landing page, and a series of emails for consumers, a photo shoot to achieve new images with appetite appeal, and a detail-aid for healthcare providers.

Traditionally, products made for a tube-fed audience focus creatively on the physicality of having a feeding tube – showing the actual tube and product use. Launching a new product required a different approach – focusing on the emotion around the user journey from joy at being able to live life on their terms, to using humor highlighting digestive challenges.


Impressive results

Within 10 days of launch, the campaign began to show impressive results. Website page views went up 28% with the Real Food Blends Mini landing page being the 3rd most-visited page on the site. Since the campaign launched, there were over 200 impressions with +32% new users and a bounce-rate that continues to decrease. By the end of 2022, website visits were up by 60% (22 vs. 21) and +50% if we compare (Q3-Q4 vs. Q1- Q2). Real Foods Blend Mini first page visited (22), +55% impressions (22 vs. 21 ) and +15% new buyers (Q3-Q4 vs. Q1-Q2).


About the Award

Since 2009, the PM360 Pharma Choice awards has served as the only industry awards to recognize outstanding achievement and creativity in healthcare and life sciences marketing by allowing the industry as a whole to choose the winners. This year, more than 8,500 votes were cast to decide the winners.

“The best critics are the people who understand your circumstances, challenges, and ultimately what it takes to be successful,” said Anna Stashower, CEO/Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, PM360. “It is also what makes winning one of our Pharma Choice Awards so significant, because it is an honor bestowed upon marketers by their peers—the only people who truly can comprehend just how hard it is to be creative, imaginative, engaging, captivating, and memorable in a highly regulated industry.”


The winning work is featured in the January/February 2023 issue of PM360. And can be viewed online at