LiveWorld Software & Technology Award

LiveWorld Recognized for Best Customer Service Software in 2016

February 7, 2017
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

LiveWorld Social Conversation Management Platform Wins Awards

We don’t normally post about awards and recognition we receive, but this is quite the honor. LiveWorld was recognized for two awards in the categories of Software & Technology Innovation and Community Platform Leadership.
The first award was for Best Customer Service Software Company 2016 for our innovative Social Conversation Management platform. LiveWorld has been advancing its software capabilities, which support human expertise to enhance the way brands interact with consumers on social media and messaging apps. With the addition of our enterprise chatbot management toolset, LiveWorld now empowers brands to optimize interactions with customers at scale by enabling chatbots to automatically transfer to human agents when needed and with contextual relevance. Our vision for chatbot/human agent collaboration goes beyond smart handoffs to include communication of user context data and controls. Chatbots can make smarter on-the-fly decisions.
LiveWorld was also honored in the award category of Recognized Leaders in Online Community Platforms. LiveWorld manages social communities, social network pages, and messaging for some of the largest Fortune 500 brands in financial services, retail, CPG, pharmaceutical, and travel industries. We monitor, respond, and engage on their behalf to ensure their brands are protected and continually deepen customer relationships.
It’s great to receive industry recognition, but we know this would not be possible without our clients and their thoughts and ideas that drive us to make the very best (award winning) social software and services we can offer.
Read the full press release here.