Make your Facebook marketing more effective by creating the right mix of organic posts and paid posts

April 7, 2015
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Facebook is changing its algorithms again, altering what content users see from brands.
Although the organic reach of Facebook posts has declined significantly from the peak levels back in 2013, this is mostly just for product-centric promotional posts. Your posts can still reach a sizable audience, especially if they are written with strong social content.
LiveWorld’s analysis of the algorithms and collaboration with Facebook has led to a discovery — when paid and organic work in concert, you can more quickly determine how to maximize reach and create optimal performing posts. In order to successfully use Facebook, brands need to have a content strategy that includes a mix of organic and paid posts.
All Facebook posts are subject to competing in the increasingly crowded News Feed, and that quality is even more important to get user attention. While paid posts are more likely to get through, social posts generally get more customer attention, action and sharing. That’s why it’s crucial to develop an integrated strategy that leverages both paid and organic content.
LiveWorld discovered this about Facebook’s new algorithms:

  • Promotional posts on organic are being cut to virtually zero reach
  • Social posts on organic are not being further restricted
  • Paid posts are more effective and efficient when they are socially engaging and also feature high quality copy and graphics

Download our complimentary report, Facebook Integrated Content Strategy: Paid/Organic and Promo/Social to learn more about Facebook’s new algorithms – and how to make your Facebook marketing more effective including:

  1. How to get the most out of organic posts
  2. How creative quality affects the engagement rate of paid posts
  3. How to improve the correlation between engagement and loyal customers