Moderation Services


Every day, your customers are actively connecting and sharing content on your social media properties. In order to provide a welcoming environment and one that enhances the customer experience, your brand must have the ability to monitor and safeguard your audience from hostile agents. LiveWorld moderation services combine the intelligence and compassion of human beings with the efficiency of industry-leading software technology. Our trained multi-lingual moderators work around the clock, using local language and native culture to understand nuances and meaning within customer conversations. Our social media moderation services are designed to handle the scale of large-volume or multi-language brands. We deliver complete brand protection through around-the-clock social media monitoring and moderation – and you get peace of mind knowing that we’re watching your back so you can focus on the bigger picture. By blending the best of humans and software, we empower people, not replace them. This way, your brand sees a faster response time and you’re able to provide more 1-on-1 customer interactions. Our trained, US-based teams are dedicated to the fluid demands of social media, unlike call centers. Highly skilled in crisis management, we’re able to detect, address and mitigate potential problems before they affect your brand. We develop workflows and security procedures with your legal, PR and brand guidelines in mind. - 24/7 global coverage with 70 language/country combinations for all your social channels - Relentless monitoring fosters a safe environment for customers to visit and share experiences - Alert moderation identifies emerging threats, brand abuse and hostility towards customers, along with response guidelines and escalation protocols - Built for scale, our moderation services are enabled by software designed to quickly handle large volumes of user generated content across one or many social properties - Technology agnostic, our services are able to quickly plug in to your existing infrastructure
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