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While providing leadership and direction for LiveWorld for the past 28 years, Peter is also an author, celebrated speaker, and fine art photographer. With over 40 years’ experience including 12 years at Apple, he is an esteemed social media visionary and veteran helping fortune 500 clients unlock the real power of social media and conversational engagement.

Peter splits his time between New York City, California and frequent international travel destinations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in American History from Brown University and an MBA from The Harvard Business School. 

“The core premise of my life, my work, and LiveWorld is empowering people to create more value together than they could by themselves.”                                                                                                                                              -Peter Friedman


Peter Friedman, Chairman and CEO, LiveWorld 

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Peter's Remote Work eBook

The Battle For Remote Work Was Decided Before It Began

Companies That Embrace It Will Be Winners. Most That Fight It Will Be Losers.

Is Privacy Dead in the Digital Age?

And What to do About It

The CMO's
Social Media Handbook

A Step-By-Step Guide for Leading Marketing Teams in the Social Media World

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