Pharma Solutions

DTC Pharma Marketing

Pain Point

Getting a patient to ask the doctor about their medication

Challenge: Patients can exhibit a lack of engagement in their own treatment.

Solution:  Spark social engagement and foster online communities – educating patients on ways to take an active role in treatment.

Pain Point

It’s hard to increase revenue

Challenge: Brand message is not resonating in a cluttered, noisy marketplace.

Solution: Out-of-the-box digital solutions break through the clutter and build awareness.

Pharma Adverse Event & PQC Management, Social Media

Pain Point

MLR approval of marketing programs

Challenge: Multiple vendors create inconsistency, management stress and audit issues.

Solution: Establish company-wide compliance through operational processes and playbooks

Pain Point

Don’t want the stress and cost of regulatory review

Challenge: User-generated content opens the door for reportable adverse events, FDA warnings and marketing suppression.

Solution: An effective system of content management and reporting delivers 24/7 coverage, scale, and audit tracking.

HCP Pharma Marketing

Pain Point

Unable to reach HCPs with traditional field teams

Challenge: It’s difficult to convince doctors to consider alternate treatment and write a different prescription.

Solution: Peer-to-peer engagement on social media drives credibility and boosts script lift.

Pain Point

It’s hard to increase revenue

Challenge: Healthcare providers are bombarded with messages and have little time to research new treatments.

Solution: An insights-based strategy determines messaging that will best resonate with HCPs.

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