Quick Review: Facebook fMC Event and Product Changes

March 5, 2012
Posted by: Dawn Lacallade, Chief Social Strategist, VP- Healthcare

Did you catch the first Facebook Marketing Conference? If not, they are playing recaps. Crunched for time and just want to know what is changing? We got ya covered!
So what does Facebook want us to know?
Facebook continues to emphasize their migration from Ads to Stories. “Stories are more powerful than Ads, and a Brand Page is where the brand creates stories that fans then share and create mini-stories on top of.” To forward this mission, they released a host of product changes and enhancements:

  • Enable brands to deploy richer, more engaging story telling
  • Deploy new advertising venues that will enable brands to reach more fans and non-fans while enabling Facebook to increase their monetization of the service.

What changes?
Most importantly, Facebook launched Timeline for brands. In addition, they enhanced the admin controls, permissions levels (not yet released), and enhanced Page Apps. They also introduced a new content type called Offers and Timeline content type called Milestones. Brands can also turn on private messages with their fans (fan initiated).
The other major announcement is a suite of tools and offers that will allow brand to select premium distribution options for their content. These distribution options can increase fan visibility of your post from 16% to 50-75%.
Want to know more?
We put together a quick guide to the announcements and recommendations on how your brand can best take advantage of these changes. Take a look!