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Surprising Things About HCP Social Media Behavior | BioPharma eMarketing Summit Webinar

Social media shapes physicians’ views on new treatments, and changes prescribing, as healthcare professionals follow peers, engage in specialty groups, and alter prescriptions based on social media, favoring specific platforms and private networks.

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New Voices of Influence | Julie Rennecker

Julie has been working at the intersection of teams, technology adoption, and organizational change for more than 20 years. As a behavioral scientist, former startup team member and nurse, she blends theory, experience, and clinical expertise to bring clarity to the challenges of startup leadership.

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New Voices of Influence | Dr. Chester Donnally

Dr. Chester Donnally is a spine surgeon who is passionate about minimally invasive surgery and complex corrective procedures for adult spinal deformities. He has contributed to more than 70 peer-reviewed publications and a dozen book chapters, and numerous speaking engagements across the country.

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Influencer Dr. Swanson

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson sat down with Umar Siddiqui, M.D., to discuss how her audience has evolved over her career. She is a pediatrician and Chief Medical Officer for SpoonfulONE. Dr. Swanson leads efforts to foster conversations with clinicians and parents around the importance of early and consistent inclusion of potential allergens in the diet.

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Dedicated HCP Social Media Practice

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are increasingly using social media as a clinical tool and professional resource. In response to these shifts in HCP social habits, LiveWorld has created a dedicated HCP Social Media practice for pharma.

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Highlights from DTC Campaign Engagement Solutions Virtual Event

Catch the “best of” the DTC pharma virtual event, “Driving Interactions, Not Impressions”. Hear expert advice from the panel with BMS, Chiasma, Pfizer, and others discussing launch prep engagement tactics,  activating patients,  virtual assistants and more.

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How HCPs Use Social Media

Join LiveWorld VP Danny Flamberg, award-winning MD and digital health professional Dr. Umar Siddiqui, and former Ogilvy Health chief strategy officer Johanna Skilling for a lively discussion of how brands can reach and influence hard-to-find HCPs on social media.

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The Evolution of Online Health Communities: 1-on-1 Conversations, Data-driven Content, Chatbots, and Engaging Patients

Watch this video for inspiring examples of pharma communities that are empowering patients using messaging apps and chatbots for 1-on-1 dialogue, encouraging people to respond to comments, and showcasing content.

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Design to Measure

Clear measurements pave the way for the right activities, and cross channel measurement helps marketers spend more wisely on social programs that work. A better understanding of how to approach measurement allows marketers to see how considering metrics can aid in creating better social programs.

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4 Proven Healthcare Social Media Strategies

Everyone thinks of pharmaceutical companies as behind the times. But pharma companies actually are using social media in the most engaging ways and making consumers stand up and say, “Wow!” LiveWorld’s healthcare practice has some great examples of pharmaceutical brands using social media in pioneering ways to reach consumers.

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Customer Service Becomes 21st Century Marketing

How do you deliver great social customer service? In this video social media pioneer Peter Friedman explains how transformation must occur at companies’ customer experience and the customer service departments.

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How Do You Build Loyalty Among Your Customers?

This video from LiveWorld answers the questions, “What are the benefits of social media?” and “How do you actually build loyalty among customers on social media?”

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What is the Right Social Topic Mix For Engagement?

This video answers the question, “What is the right blend and mix of social topics on social media for engagement?” from LiveWorld CEO Peter Friedman

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Be Social Effectively, and Cost Effectively

LiveWorld CEO Peter Friedman shares strategies on how to be social effectively, and cost effectively in this brief video

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5 Models For Proving The ROI of Social Media

Watch this brief video on 5 models for proving the return on investment of social media from LiveWorld CEO Peter Friedman

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Brand Cultural Models for Effective Social Media

Watch and learn more about using brand cultural models to create effective social media from LiveWorld CEO Peter Friedman

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Enhance Customer Experience through Smart Social Dialogue

Learn how to enhance the customer experience through smart social dialogue and extending brand experiences with LiveWorld CEO Peter Friedman

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How Do You Measure Brand Lift?

LiveWorld CEO Peter Friedman answers the question, “What measurement metrics should we use to measure brand lift today?” a Social Media Today Short

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Why Does Your Brand Need Social Media?

LiveWorld CEO Peter Friedman answers the question, “Why is Social Media Engagement with Customers Important?” a Social Media Today short

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Internal Brand Culture, Social Media Marketing & The Golden Rule

LiveWorld CEO Peter Friedman answers the question, “Should you spend as much time on Internal Brand Culture as you do on Social Media Marketing?” a Social Media Today Short

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Marketing Mavericks

Peter Friedman was recently featured on TWiT’s Marketing Mavericks netcast. Peter spoke about his career at Apple and the founding of LiveWorld. He also shares social media and marketing advice from his storied career.

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Best Seller TV, The CMO’s Social Media Handbook

LiveWorld’s own CEO & Founder Peter Friedman was recently interviewed by Best Seller TV about his hit book, The CMO’s Social Media Handbook.

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Tips for Small Businesses on Social Media

SocialTimes caught up with Peter Friedman, CEO of LiveWorld. They asked Friedman to give us his advice for small businesses on social media.

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LiveWorld CEO Discusses How To Humanize Regulated Brands

Peter Friedman discussed with International Business Times its recent event with Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE), which highlighted strategies regulated businesses can use to connect personally with customers.

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