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Digital Pharma Marketing Trends Shaping 2023

Given the scores of challenges pharma marketers faced this year, this webinar covers some of the greatest digital and social marketing opportunities to reach, engage and influence patients and HCPs in the coming year.

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Hospital Social Media Marketing: Leaders & Laggards Beckers Webinar

Dissect what the top ten hospitals are doing on social media to drive high levels of engagement with special speakers Danny Flamberg and Johanna Skilling.

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Women’s Health Webinar

Watch the discussion on top trends in women’s health social media marketing and learn how influencers are driving the conversation and creating campaigns that activate dialogue and change behavior.  

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TikTok and Pharma Moderated Panel Discussion

Goodbye Dr. Google, Hello Dr. TikTok Watch now to see how Pharma Can Utilize the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform: TikTok.

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Becker’s Webinar

This video will lay out a new marketing agenda designed to leverage data, digital, social and influencer marketing strategies with examples of campaigns and initiatives from the healthcare arena and beyond.

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DHC Influencer

In this webinar you’ll be introduced to a sampling of these potent new HCP influencers. Subject matter experts will share a methodology for vetting and evaluating their relative influence, and reveal tactics for engaging them in branded and unbranded promotion.

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Driving Digital HCP Engagement

Listen and watch as LiveWorld strategests and medical director discuss how marketing engagement drives business results with a new framework. They discuss barriers to engagement and review specific examples of tools and tactics that drive HCP connection and participation.

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DTC Perspectives & LiveWorld: Getting Creative While Remaining Compliant

Developing standout marketing campaigns your MLR Team will approve often can be challenging if your colleagues aren’t familiar with the digital and social media platforms where your audiences are interacting online.

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Getting Creative While Remaining Compliant

Join Dawn Lacallade, Chief Social Strategist, and Jena Dengrove, VP and Creative Director, for a discussion on how they work with clients to develop breakthrough campaign creative while navigating internal regulatory approval processes.

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Time to Embrace Social Media Marketing – Eyeforpharma LiveWorld Webinar

Experts from Celgene, Roche and LiveWorld discuss how pharma is embracing social media as a central part of their strategy for condition awareness, brand perception and to accelerate time to diagnosis.

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Thriving in Times of Unexpected Change – Pharma Marketing in a Virtual World

LiveWorld executive leaders Peter Friedman, Chairman & CEO, and Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy – HCP, outline specific digital solutions to help pharma overcome marketing challenges.

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Reaching & Persuading Elusive HCPs

Learn how to develop more effective creative and media strategies designed to spark action at the right moments that match the multi-screen life of HCPs. 

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New Marketing Opportunities Throughout the Patient Journey

Learn about the healthcare and consumer trends that are opening up new opportunities to connect with patients, caregivers and HCPs more often throughout the patient journey.

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Four Ways Conversational Marketing is Rewriting the Marketing Playbook

How messaging apps, chatbots and voice will supercharge 1-to-1 marketing

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Transforming Guests’ Hotel Experience with Chatbots

Watch to learn how chatbots and messaging apps are changing the hotel industry.

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Why Chatbots and Messaging Apps change everything about Financial Services Marketing

Uncover the benefits and challenges of messaging app marketing and chatbot programs for financial services.

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Why Facebook Messenger changes everything about Marketing

Learn the critical success factors for launching messaging app programs and the role of chatbots and humans in customer conversations

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The Pharmaceutical Marketer’s Forecast for 2017

Watch to learn how pharmaceutical marketers can build trust, provide direct dialogue, and develop relationships with patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers.

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Conversational Marketing in Facebook Messenger

View this webinar to leverage Messenger and chatbots to engage, retain and build loyalty with your customers

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Developing a Pharma Engagement Playbook in Messaging Apps & Social Media

Develop a conversation management and engagement playbook in messaging apps and social media to become more conversation-centric and relationship focused, and better support the patient journey.

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How to Create a Cultural Model for Effective Social Media Management

Watch this recorded webinar with social media leaders from American Express, Verizon Wireless and LiveWorld to learn more about creating a brand cultural model for better social media.

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Your Customer Experience Never Sleeps Creating a 24 7 Partnership

Watch this recorded webinar that features experts from Walmart, Polycom and LiveWorld speaking about customer experience and managing it for the 24/7 social media cycle.

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Harnessing the Voice of the Customer in Social Media

Learn best practices on using the voice of the customer on social media from this recorded discussion with customer experience and social media experts from Walgreens, First Republic Bank and LiveWorld.

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Leading Companies for Customer Service On and Off Social

Watch this recorded discussion with social media experts from Microsoft, Discover Card and LiveWorld, to learn more from and about the leading companies providing social customer service.

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