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Healthcare Community Checklist

An online community is the synthesis of service delivery and subtle marketing. It targets a condition or disease population in need of accurate information and professional support. It gives voice and validation to patients and caregivers along with practical ideas for coping with challenging medical issues.

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Healthcare Community e-book

While the pandemic has created overwhelming uncertainty for healthcare systems, there are some very clear trends and factors shaping the challenges and opportunities of healthcare marketing during 2022. Read more below about these factors.

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Influencer e-book

Follow LiveWorld’s 5As formula to assess and access this powerful emerging social channel.

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5 Marketing Tactics

To combat the widespread fear of hospitals and rebuild brand reputations and revenue streams, consider these top 5 tactics for 2022.    

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Patient Engagement Marketing Guide

Download the definitive guidebook on how pharma and healthcare brands can leverage the age-old need for connection using the newest tools and technology for a contemporary and effective digitally forward patient experience.

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Creating Social Pharma Content That Resonates

Create marketing campaigns in social media that deliver the result you want, by better understanding your audience’s preferred social media channels. Find out how to reflect the patient journey in your creative with the best social media tactics that influence patients.

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Inside HCP Walled Gardens

Unlike public soical networks, brands can’t simply buy ads on private platforms; interactions are curated, vetted, and approved individually. Download our free eBook, Inside HCP Walled Gardens and take a look at the major players to better understand the differences and best in class pharma brand examples.

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Guide to Pharma Social Media During Coronavirus

The definitive guide for pharma social media marketing on what content to avoid, start and continue publishing on social channels during the Coronavirus outbreak and treatment period.

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The Definitive Guide to Digital Privacy

Explore the depth and breadth of personal data collection, associated pros and cons, and five-part solution to proactively manage personal privacy.

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Social Media Strategy Workbook

How to build an effective social marketing strategy and evaluate current programs.

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Messenger Marketing eBook

Download the Definitive Guide to Conversational Marketing for Facebook Messenger

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The CMO’s Social Media Handbook

Download a PDF of the new book, The CMO’s Social Media Handbook by LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman.

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Facebook Canvas POV

Facebook Canvas is a new type of post that hits the marketing sweet spot: a combination of interesting & effective brand storytelling with low-cost targeting capabilities that engages users on mobile devices.

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Responding to Crises & National Events

When in the throes of a crisis or tragedy it’s important for brands to be prepared with responses that show respect, mirror the national feeling and, don’t offend. Read this white paper for advice on National Crises and social media.

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How to Scale Social Media Programs & Maximize Value

Companies often approach social media disjointedly, implementing social, and setting goals and strategy later. Results can be duplication of effort and unmanageable social channels. Read this paper to assist in finding efficiency and value.

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The Value Of Social Data To Acquire Leadership Buy-In

Management desires direct ties from tweets to sales. Marketing is changing processes tying social media to ROI. Bur what should marketers be tracking, what does management want to see, and how do you present it?

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Social Strategy Case Studies

Check out these examples of how LiveWorld’s work, experience and knowledge from over 18 years of work in social media can assist and impact your social media programs.

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Making Social Media In Regulated Industries More Social

Utilizing social media is more difficult for regulated industries. They can do it, but it takes time, effort, and a team from many areas of the company to accomplish it successfully. Here are top tips to make your social media efforts more social.

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Make Pinterest Work For Your Brand

Pinterest, with more than 70 million registered users, rapid growth, and the launch of new business features, has become a highly attractive channel for businesses. This report examines how companies are effectively using it.

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How To Gain Actionable Insights

We spend time and budgets on social media presences, and management expects social to provide awareness of trends which impact the company, and marketers want analytics. How do you get these insights?

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LiveWorld Social Network Guide 2015

Are you using the right social channel for your audience? It’s even more difficult to connect when Facebook and Twitter continually make changes. This is why we’ve created the LiveWorld Social Media Guide.

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3 Social Media Lessons from Advertising Age’s Best Campaign of the 21st Century

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty was revolutionary. The heart and soul of the campaign – and the very essence of it – is centered in social media.

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Facebook Integrated Content Strategy

Based on research & dialogue with Facebook and its algorithm, LiveWorld has written a report on the effective mix of social organic posts, social paid posts, and promotional paid posts.

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