Social Customer Service: The New 21st Century Marketing

January 5, 2016
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Customers are demanding the same high level of customer service from brands on social media that they expect from traditional customer support channels. They want fast, personalized answers to their issues and requests. What’s a brand to do when faced with figures like these?

  • 42% of consumers expect a response from companies on social media within an hour
  • 33% of consumers who reach out in social media for an issue never get a response
67% of consumers have used a company’s
social media site for customer service
 33%33% of users prefer to contact brands using
social media rather than the telephone

LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman recently spoke in front of a group of customer service and marketing executives about their struggles with managing social customer service at the Customer Care Leadership Forum. In his presentation Peter explained how marketing and customer service leaders can enable their brands to deliver the services and experiences that customers are demanding. With the executive audience he explored some of the new requirements to set up scalable processes and procedures to hear what customers are saying, methods to enable appropriate brand response, and ways to take advantage of the 1-on-1 personalization that social customer service allows.
You can learn how you can transform your organization into a brand customers enjoy interacting with in social media through our recording of Peter’s presentation, Customer Service Becomes 21st Century Marketing.