Social is Serious Business

October 24, 2022
Posted by: Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy- HCP

Social media is serious. It’s become the new playing field for brands vying for the attention of healthcare providers (HCPs). Everyone is familiar with the platforms. And everyone, brand leaders and agencies, claim to be social media experts.

But the game has become more strategically, creatively, and technically complex and competitive. Features, functions, and advertising options are rapidly evolving and change frequently. Brands need genuine experience and expertise to design and implement effective compliant social media campaigns that deliver HCP engagement, persuasion, and possibly behavior change.

Consider the moving parts.

Strategy. Targeting has become more of a challenge as privacy concerns reduce the variables that informed micro-segmentation choices. The media mix is in flux. There’s no consensus on the best mix of public and private platforms. Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) are emerging as potent peer-to-peer brands with distinctive voices and perspectives that can augment disease state awareness and brand promotion.

Creative. Short, data-driven, snackable video is becoming the preferred creative format. Infographics and real-world data are increasingly sought after by HCPs who are short on time and patience and skeptical about pharma marketing and promotion. Packaging congress presentations, journal article reprints, and KOLs for optimal engagement can be a digital challenge.

Technology. The technical and data specs for each platform are in constant upgrade and revision mode. There are few common structures and often little notice before changes are implemented. Strong tech support can protect you from being blindsided.

Having a knowledgeable active resource (or two) in these areas with strong ties to the platforms and demonstrated strategy, creative, and tech chops is a must have for brands who aspire to optimize social media as part of their non-personal promotion plans. Beware of superficial claims and dig for proof when considering agency partners.

Consider this 6 point HCP social media planning guide to see credibility of public and private social media for peer-to-peer clinical conversations among HCPs.

With 20+ years of social media experience managing 350 social properties for some of the biggest pharma companies, LiveWorld has the skills and resources to help you navigate and succeed in the changing pharma social arena.

Reach out to the author, Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy – HCP, LiveWorld, to learn more about digital and social agency services for the healthcare and pharma industry.

Author: Danny Flamberg, VP, HCP Strategy, LiveWorld