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Social Media ROI through New Survey Capabilities

August 30, 2016
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Every year social media marketers are pinched on proving the ROI of their programs and social media activity in general. Even the largest and most innovative companies that have used social media since Facebook first allowed brand pages are still struggling to justify their social media spend. Wouldn’t it be great to have straightforward data that shows what you are actually getting from your investment in social media?  You instinctively know that engaging with your community of fans and followers influences purchase behavior, fosters positive sentiment about your products, and even creates brand loyalists, but how do you show your boss the cold hard numbers to back this up?
I’m referring to a simple way for routine measurement through direct customer feedback from your social channels. If you’re a LiveWorld software client, you’ll be happy to know we launched new capabilities that make that possible.
With this new feature release, you can survey any customer in social media after any interaction. You can ask if a customer service interaction was helpful or not. You can ask if the content they saw, or a brand conversation they engaged with helped them make a purchase. You can ask customers about their experience with the brand in social media and immediately get back useful data. And you can do it in a discrete way, directly with a customer.
Justify your Programs with Meaningful KPIs
Now marketing teams don’t have to say “I don’t know” or fudge it with other metrics. They can now track the quality of these experiences and interactions. They can create baselines for performance and show how they’re improving customer sentiment and perceptions around the brand in social media. Not just with a general and automated sentiment score for all social media posts, but specifically with customers, using the questions they want to ask, and segmented however they want it set up (by region, product, brand, team, or agent, etc.). Marketing teams can also identify these customers and continue to measure and monitor them to see how social impacts their CSAT or NPS scores over time. The point is, now it’s easier for marketers to collect customer specific data about their programs and share the information with executives. That means they can justify the programs and ultimately ask for more budget. That’s huge in this area of marketing.
With LiveWorld’s new customer survey capability an agent can manually or automatically send a survey to customers directly inline in the same social conversation to measure that experience. The platform makes it easy to create, manage, and send survey requests to customers as a prepared reply. And they can be sent privately or publicly. We find surveys are a great way to understand your customers better and deepen the relationship.
We want to make you a hero and help you connect the dots to show the impact that social media has with customers. Now you can more easily measure social media programs and share it with your organization to better address ROI questions.
So how do you currently measure your social media ROI? What defines success for you and your organization in this area of marketing? As you plan your social media programs and define your goals and metrics for 2017, remember that there is no substitute for engaging your customers in meaningful conversations, and then getting feedback directly from your customers whenever you need it.
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