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Does Your Social Media Strategy need a Reboot?

June 25, 2018
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Quarterly reviews are recommended for Pharma Marketers

Social media is an incredibly powerful way to connect with your customers, learn more about them, and engage in conversations that become brand experiences that can drive product awareness, increase transactions, and boost loyalty.
In fact a 2018 study by Nielsen confirms that social media is ranked as the most important and most effective of digital media channels for marketing professionals.
importance of digital media channels

Source: The Nielsen CMO Report 2018

Changes are Constant

With weekly changes in the social media landscape, new channel features to assess, and evolving needs of the business, pharma marketing professionals are constantly evaluating and testing new social strategies, tactics and capabilities. Rapid advances by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the myriad of messaging apps require digital marketers to re-examine their choice of social channels, test social ad campaigns, and ensure programs are still performing and meeting business objectives.
To understand what updates or modifications should be tested and implemented, one should take inventory of what changes have occurred across a series of factors, including

  • Have you inherited a social community or program?
  • Has your community has gone stale?
  • Is performance is lackluster and not achieving your goals?
  • Has there been a change in target audience or social media property?
  • Have you had a change in the business that would impact your strategy?
  • Have you launched a new product or program?
  • Or perhaps you need to create a social media strategy from scratch.

Any of these scenarios will prompt a social media strategy re-evaluation, or signal the need to create a net new plan from ground up.

Getting Started

Evaluating and planning social marketing strategies can be challenging. Sometimes the hardest part is not knowing where to start. A good place to begin is to consider the specific outcomes you want your program to accomplish within the context of a larger marketing plan. The single biggest point of failure in social media programs is not having them tie directly to business goals.

To help you think through and redesign your social media marketing plan we’ve organized a series of charts, processes, journey maps, sample scorecards and structured question sets that will guide you through the planning process.

Download your complimentary copy of the Social Media Strategy Workbook from LiveWorld, designed specifically for pharma marketers. Enjoy and happy planning!
social media strategy workbook - LiveWorld