Tara Hunt on customer service by brands on Twitter

Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson.

Earlier this month I posted about a Social Media Breakfast Ottawa presentation from Tara Hunt, who suggested that the customer-service successes of Comcast may be overblown.

Following the breakfast, I also sat down with Tara for a video interview that included some questions about her Comcast remarks.


* Tara Hunt contends that the “celebration” over Comcast’s efforts on Twitter is “premature.”

* Tara compares the Comcast Twitter story to Zappos’.

* Tara explains why a business should use/create social media as an output rather than an input.

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This video was recorded and edited by Simon Chen, senior consultant at Ramius and co-organizer of Ottawa’s monthly Social Media Breakfast series, and is divided into three parts:

Part 2: Tara’s advice for brands that want to interact with customers online without forcing products and services on them.

Part 3: Brand representatives jumping into social media conversations: helpful or creepy?