To abuse or not to abuse your power on Facebook? Social PR pros weigh in – Inside Facebook

September 23, 2013
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Recently, the CEO of a social media firm ranted publicly about a brand we all know, calling their reps liars on his blog and in social channels. Neither the name of the CEO nor the name of the brand is important here.
What matters is if or when he should do this, using his prominence to draw attention or get satisfaction through a Facebook post. I asked him about it publicly, to which he said “We need to — it’s how it should be used.”
I’ve been guilty of using social to “jump the line” in customer service, but only after trying all the regular channels first. Does complaining personally also reflect on the company you work for, as Adam Smith discovered when he filmed his anti-gay diatribe at a Chick-Fil-A drive through?

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