Top CMO Challenges in Social Media—What’s Your Take?

September 9, 2013
Posted by: Peter Friedman, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Most of the Fortune 500 CMOs understand the benefits of social media—more brand awareness for the marketing buck, customer service improvements, heightened customer loyalty, and growth in sales, to name a few. As marketing expert Jeff Hayzlett said to me when I interviewed him recently, “CMOs know social media is the right thing to do. In a store, you know it’s a good thing to be ‘nice and friendly’ to customers and actually have a conversation with them. Same online. It’s the right thing to do.”
But when it comes down to the details of the implementation and management needed to produce those benefits, they’re often struggling. How to turn all that social conversation into ROI and actionable insight?
As I prepare to head to Miami for the NG CMO Summit, I’d love to hear from CMOs (especially those attending): What’s topping your “keeping me up at night” list concerning your company’s social program?
Here’s a list of challenges I hear the most frequently:
“I know we can learn from our customer’s conversation – but how do I turn vast amounts of customer conversation into actionable insight?”
“How do we engage and process the regular tidal waves of customer comments?”
“How do I have real interaction and truly connect with customers in social so that I’m not just accruing fan volume, but creating relationships that move the needle?”
“How do I measure the ROI of social when so much of it is a long-term relationship benefit?”
Now your turn: Which of these resonate with you, and what would you add?