Twitter Profile Layout Redesign: Overview and what it means for Social Brand Marketers

June 2, 2014
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

“I twitter-redesigndon’t like it…it looks like Facebook.”
That’s the reaction from many users now that Twitter has turned on its new layout for everyone, including branded accounts. If you look at the accounts you follow (or your own, if you haven’t yet optimized your layout) you’ll see that many profile pages look…a bit odd. Not because they resemble another popular social platform, but because the old graphics just don’t work anymore.
The layout changes are mostly cosmetic: that big header image that reminds us of the Facebook cover pic, the columns, and a larger profile image (that also reminds us of Facebook) are now displayed on this page.
(To be honest though, that’s about as far as the resemblance goes. It’s still our beloved Twitter; don’t worry.)
Here are a few things that brands should keep in mind:

  • The “optimal” 1500 x 500 pixel size of the new header image might lead you to upload something that looks fantastic on the web, but really odd or even indecipherable to mobile users. Check your updated Twitter profile on your smartphone as part of the redesign process, since a majority of Twitter users do not access the platform via a web browser.
  • You may need to recut your profile image or upload a larger file size to ensure it is crisp and sharp within the larger pixel parameters.
  • “Pinned Tweets” now appear at the top of your profile page‘s public stream. Make sure any tweet you pin here isn’t out-of-date (don’t forget to refresh that content!) and that any tweet incorporating a photo displays properly when cropped automatically by the system.

For more tips and visual examples of best practices, click here to download the full report.