What HCPs Want From Social Media

June 13, 2023
Posted by: Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy- HCP

A recent Sermo survey of more than 100 physicians, designed by and for the Digital Health Coalition (DHC), points out where and how HCPs are using social media for professional purposes and validates similar research being broadly conducted by agencies, consultants, and pharma brands.

More than half of responders say that their use of social media in professional contexts has reduced their reliance on other channels and sources. Participation goes beyond passive content consumption. In the public social forums, one in three HCPs posts professional content on LinkedIn, while one in four posts on Twitter.

Finding HCP audiences is becoming easier based on their expressed preferences. Twenty-nine percent prefer or favor LinkedIn as their platform of choice while twenty percent favor Twitter. Among the so-called “Walled GardensSermo tops Doximity for physician preference.

About half of physicians surveyed subscribe to professional education resources, medical journals and thought leaders in social media. Fifty-nine percent follow a digital opinion leader, (DOL) usually an influencer in their specialty.

Doctors want specific services from companies and brands active on social media. Professional education, especially on new or soon-to-be launched drugs, clinical trial data, updates on prescribing and dosing, and access to MSLs and reps rank high. Services to pass along to patients like samples, patient education materials, and customer service options for patients are also in demand.

Social media is increasingly influential and effective in reaching, engaging, and persuading physicians. Most expect greater professional use and broader scientific content as the channel evolves. Smart pharma marketers need to continuously follow developments, monitor usage patterns, and work with partners with strong experience in the social universe.

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