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Why Use Facebook Messenger to Improve the Customer Experience?

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Your Customers Are Using Facebook Messenger Every B2C company is faced with the same challenge: how do you engage with your customers when they are a moving target? Gone are the days of mass advertising and broadcast marketing techniques. Customers are smarter and more mobile than they were even five years ago. They don’t want […]

Social Media ROI through New Survey Capabilities

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Every year social media marketers are pinched on proving the ROI of their programs and social media activity in general. Even the largest and most innovative companies that have used social media since Facebook first allowed brand pages are still struggling to justify their social media spend. Wouldn’t it be great to have straightforward data […]

Your Patients & Customers Are Trying To Engage With You On Social Media. Are You Ready?

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  It’s time for pharmas and healthcare companies to engage with their patients on social media. Because smartphones are the center of the customer experience, patients expect 1-on-1 direct dialogue. These conversations can directly contribute to the patient journey and the overall patient experience. And they can have a big impact on your bottom line. […]

Increasing the ROI of Social Media Marketing

Measuring social media success can be a bit more challenging than that of other marketing channels. Nevertheless, it’s a myth that you can’t measure return on investment that’s produced by social media marketing programs. You can. In fact, some of America’s top brands (such as Walmart) are getting 10x the return on investment from social […]

How to Resolve Customer Service Issues on Social Media

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Part 4 in the Series: Social Customer Service 72% of consumers expect resolution within one hour when using social media for customer service issues, according to Milward Brown Digital. That’s not a lot of time. What’s more, Simply Measured found that for the 30% of brands that do have a dedicated customer service handle on […]

The Keys to Customer Engagement on Social Media

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Part 3 in the Series: Social Customer Service Customers have high expectations for social customer service. At LiveWorld, we’ve found that 42% of consumers expect a response from companies on social media within an hour. However, many companies are failing miserably at meeting those expectations – 33% of consumers who reach out on social media for […]

Maximize the Customer Experience in a Socially Charged World

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Social customer experience is the chief battleground for brands; it is where consumers’ eyes, ears, minds and hearts are. How can you Maximize the Customer Experience in a Socially Charged World? LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, prepares your brand for battle in his presentation for the Marketing Profs Virtual Conference Series. According to Gartner, 89% of […]

Social Listening Best Practices for Better Customer Service

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Part 2 in the Series: Social Customer Service Social customer service is growing by leaps and bounds. Nielson found that 33% of customers prefer it to the phone – and that number will only go up. Listening to social conversations and detecting customer service issues are key – you can’t respond to customer questions or […]

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