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HCP Influencers: 5 Ways to Analyze Digital Opinion Leaders

19 November 2021
Posted by: Danny Flamberg

The pandemic accelerated the number and reach of HCP digital influencers. The urgent scramble for Covid-19 clinical and treatment information pushed the envelope on healthcare providers offering ideas, insights, opinions, and case studies on almost every social media channel. You will be surprised at the number of HCP influencers and the size and scale of […]

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10 Actual Ways To Fix Social Media Right Now

18 October 2021
Posted by: Peter Friedman

Lots of talk goes on these days about what’s wrong with Facebook and social media. Much of the conversation focuses on teen self-esteem, misinformation, and privacy.  People make generalized fix-it statements, such as “break it up” or “get rid of engagement algorithms,” that realistically won’t solve the key issues. Some suggestions would likely have very […]

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Social Media and Nursing: Guidelines for Protecting Patient Privacy Online

28 June 2021
Posted by: Matthew Hammer

Ohio University

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HCPs & Social Media: Bridging the Virtual and Real Worlds

18 March 2021
Posted by: Umar Siddiqui

Umar Siddiqui, MD is Medical Director at LiveWorld and a digital health professional with 15+ years of experience spanning clinical research, health-system leadership, strategy consulting, venture-capital and health technology. HCPs are engaging with providers and patients on social media platforms more than ever. So, how is the virtual world bridged with the real world? Collaborating […]

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