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7 Tips for Migrating from UA to GA4

14 July 2023
Posted by: Tori Houston, Digital Marketing Manager

With Google Analytics 4, you’ll enjoy a whole range of benefits that’ll put you ahead of the competition (or so, we hope). From user-centric measurement to cross-device tracking, advanced machine learning capabilities, and improved data control and privacy, GA4 has got you covered. Plus, its seamless integration with Google Ads ensures you never miss a […]

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Unveiling HCP Communication Patterns: Key Insights from a Study of 120 Primary Care Physicians

12 July 2023
Posted by: Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy- HCP

A recent study of 120 primary care physicians, titled “Every Message Everywhere All at Once” conducted by OptimizeRX, concluded that HCPs actively seek professional information across as many as 10 media channels and they rely on different communication pathways for different information needs. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? This new data adds to our understanding of […]

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Human-touch content moderation

Posted by: Jason Liebowitz, VP- Sales

Content moderation is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy online environment for both your brand and your users. That’s where LiveWorld comes in; with over 27 years of experience, we combine the intelligence and compassion of human moderators with the efficiency of software technology to provide unparalleled moderation and engagement services.  Moderation agents work […]

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Threads, from Meta, is likely to succeed where other Twitter wannabes will not, and where Elon Musk has failed.

6 July 2023
Posted by: Peter Friedman, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Elon Musk’s chaotic reign of Twitter, from a breaking system to erratic policies, to layoffs and fees with total indifference to the impact on people, users, brands, and partners has left the door wide open for another company to take over the lead in the text comment – micro-blogging space. Likely pushing Twitter aside and […]

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