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Re-imagining How the Field Force Connects with HCPs

Pharma sales rep on video call with HCP
Danny Flamberg post by: Danny Flamberg

This is Part 2 of 3 in a series: Thinking More Digitally in the Age of Coronavirus The tried and true formula of sustained face to face relationships between HCPs and pharma reps is becoming a thing of the past: The steady decline of rep access coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, focus our thinking on the […]

Re-imagining the Conference Experience

Rethinking conferences in the age of Coronavirus
Danny Flamberg post by: Danny Flamberg

This article was previously published in PM360 on March 26, 2020. This is Part 1 of 3 in a series: Thinking More Digitally in the Age of Coronavirus On Friday the 13th, Medscape reported that 26 medical conferences were being cancelled or postponed. Reactions from commenters were mixed, from “remember the Biogen folks,” to “I don’t […]

Surviving the Coronavirus: a Marketing Perspective

woman wearing surgical mask in crowd coronavirus
Martin Bishop post by: Martin Bishop

The coronavirus has reached the point where it is becoming top-of-mind for everyone. What was, only a few weeks ago, a new virus impacting one part of China is now rapidly developing into a pandemic covered non-stop in the news. As of Feb 27th, over 80,000 cases and 2,500 deaths have been reported, and 50 […]

3 Superpowers of Patient Stories

Patient Storytelling - LiveWorld
Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

Great patient storytelling can take many forms and serve numerous purposes. In our digital world, stories are told every day using blogs, videos and podcasts. And it’s easier than ever to reach target audiences through various social platforms or branded channels.  Every patient has a story to tell. For pharmaceutical brands, getting the right patient […]

The Science Behind Patient Storytelling

science of patient storytelling - LiveWorld
Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

There are few (if any) techniques more powerful than a well-told story to communicate a complex principle or convey a point of view. In healthcare, storytelling plays a meaningful role in shaping the patient journey. Case studies are traditionally used to educate physicians. Physicians, in turn, gather and document patients’ stories to determine diagnoses and […]

Q&A with Danny Flamberg, LiveWorld’s VP Strategy – HCP

Danny Flamberg - VP Strategy - HCP
Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

Danny Flamberg oversees LiveWorld’s Healthcare Provider (HCP) practice helping clients develop marketing strategies for pharmaceutical and life science brands. Danny earned an A.B., an M.A. and a Ph.D. in econometrics at Columbia University. An Interview with Danny Flamberg Can you share how you found your way to LiveWorld’s pharma team and what you’re looking forward […]

3 Key Stakeholders that Benefit from Patient Storytelling

Patient Storytelling - LiveWorld
Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

A convergence of forces is changing the landscape of healthcare at breakneck speed. The shift to value-based care is affecting how providers practice. Patients have become more consumeristic as they take on a greater financial burden for their healthcare. An explosion of digital technologies and the rise of social media is changing how people access […]

The Transformative Power of Patient Storytelling

patient storytelling LiveWorld
Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

What’s the best way to engage the imagination, influence behavior and drive action among your target audience? It’s the latest, well-known “secret” of marketing: storytelling. In the pharma industry, patient storytelling has become a highly effective marketing tool for educating and motivating patients through the life experiences of their peers. The storytelling process enables patients […]

Inspiring Change Through Meaningful Creative

Inspiring Emotion-Driven Creative
Jena Dengrove post by: Jena Dengrove

Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) recently named LiveWorld as one of eight healthcare marketing agencies to watch in their 2019 Top 100 Healthcare Marketing agencies issue. It’s a huge milestone to be recognized for our expertise in developing campaigns that grow awareness and change behaviors through emotion-driven creative and content. An Emotional Patient-Centric Strategy The healthcare […]

The Role of Social Media in Brand Building

Social media branding
Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

An interview with Martin Bishop, LiveWorld’s VP of Client Services. As Vice President of Client Services, Martin Bishop oversees day-to-day activities of LiveWorld’s clients’ social media programs. Martin works with clients to develop social media strategies that meet their business objectives and leverage the opportunities that social media provides for brand engagement and 1:1 dialogue. […]