Customer Service Software for a Messaging World

Increase Speed and Scale of Quality Care with Integrated Automation & Live Agents

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One Platform for All

Customer Care No Matter Where

  • Messaging apps, social media, web & mobile chat, and SMS all in one feed
  • Maximize productivity with smart automation designed to support agents
  • Reclaim agent time and enable genuine human-to-human conversations

Maximize Productivity

Real-time engagement for an on-demand world

  • Smart triage with quick identification, routing, and prioritization
  • Automate re-engagement with surveys and time-based messages
  • Free your team from routine tasks and enable more compassionate conversations

Smart Automation

Scale Personalization for Dynamic Customer Experiences

  • Customize business rules for auto-responses and chatbot engagement
  • Seamless bi-directional transitions between chatbots and humans
  • Slash operational costs with end-to-end automated workflows



Software Features

Technology designed to make quality customer service easy

 Conversation Engagement

  • Smart Team Inbox – identify and annotate high-risk and high opportunity conversations for immediate follow up
  • Unified customer profile – build understanding of customer for more beneficial interactions through, full conversational history, CRM integration, and audience tagging and segmentation
  • Intelligent customer responses – ensure effective responses by optimizing public-to-private conversation transitions and accessing library of dynamic responses, including all native app rich media components (emojis, images, video)
  • Chatbot integration – enable first responder bots to answer routine tasks, saving team’s time for those that require more skill and empathy

Resolution Management

  • Prioritization and routing – quickly escalate and route conversation to appropriate team members
  • Auto-distribution workload management – enable even workload amongst team members through load balancing or round robin team assignments
  • Automation rules – customize to your business needs. Schedule auto re-engagement with VIP customers. Send satisfaction surveys. Close conversations after 24-hours of inactivity, and more
  • Agent Collaboration – Integrated team collaboration tools facilitates task and workflow visibility enabling efficient resolution at scale



Comprehensive Analytics

  • Conversational analytics – view popularity, sentiment and performance of customized content categories, such as intent to buy, and conversational trends/topics to better inform future interactions
  • Resolution metrics – measure time-to-resolution, first response time, and conversation resolution trends to gauge customer satisfaction
  • Performance measurement – evaluate team member performance with metrics like first response and resolution times, to foster continual improvement and team efficiency

LiveWorld customer service software analytics

It's time. Make your team more effective and start engaging on Messaging Apps.

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