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A blog is not a community

Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

Peter Kim hits on an issue today that I alluded to in a SocialVoice post last week: the real definition of community. It’s troubling — though not entirely surprising — to see that word thrown around so carelessly, as if a blog or a message board on its own is a community. It isn’t. Without people congregating, connecting, […]

Introducing boomers to social networking and community

Jenna Woodul post by: Jenna Woodul

Working with one of our clients this week, I’m thinking about how to engage women in their 50s in online community. Despite that fact that online community was invented by Boomers (many of us cut our online teeth on newsgroups, BBS discussions, and IRC), the Groundswell profile tool shows that 44% of the Boomer population are not active in […]

Interviewing stakeholders

Jenna Woodul post by: Jenna Woodul

Working on the cultural aspects of a community, it’s helpful to interview people who work closely with a company’s customers. People who spend hours with folks on the phone and in person (or even in e-mail exchanges)have great insight to offer for an online cultural framework. They know what most customers ask about, what they […]