LiveWorld - Six Tips to Get Your Customers Talking About Your Brand at the Dinner Table

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Six Tips to Get Your Customers Talking About Your Brand at the Dinner Table

post by: Peter Friedman

Employees and even executives sometimes start to think about their customers with an “us vs. them” mentality, particularly in times of stress—during, say, the busy holiday season or when a customer has a complaint. That’s a dangerous mindset, especially if it becomes habitual. Competitive advantage these days demands customer-centricity. The more customers your organizations can […]

When Social Media Comments Go Negative, Should Your Brand Respond?

post by: Peter Friedman

Every brand experiences negative attention on social media at some point. Many panic and overreact when criticism shows up on their sites. They try to hide it or they respond defensively and end up adding fuel to the fire. Transparency and authenticity in social media is a must to build customer trust. This means embracing […]

How to “Do” Social Media on Your Business’ Schedule, Not 24/7

post by: Peter Friedman

“How will we keep up?” This is the most frequent worry I hear from companies — from global firms to solopreneurs — as they consider becoming active in social media. They fear customers will demand real-time responses 24/7, and if they don’t receive responses in rapid-fire timing, things will get ugly. Social media looks like […]

Social Content Marketing with LiveWorld’s CEO, Peter Friedman

post by: Peter Friedman

Have you ever wondered how big business uses social media to engage their customers? Well listen in as today’s Open Source Marketer podcast guest and LiveWorld, CEO Peter Freidman sheds light on how his company uses a mix of technology and human interaction to strike a balance between automated processes and personalized service. Continue reading here.

Tips for Small Businesses on Social Media

post by: Peter Friedman

At Social Media Week in New York, SocialTimes caught up with Peter Friedman, CEO of the social content marketing company LiveWorld. They asked Friedman to give us his advice for small businesses on social media: “Your social media presence is your online party,” said Friedman, so don’t be a boring host. Here are some of his […]

Top Insights from Superstar Social Marketers in Regulated Industries

post by: Peter Friedman

Peter Friedman, LiveWorld CEO at Social Media Week. Photo courtesy of Jay Bryant.How do companies delivering social media programs in highly regulated industries ensure smooth collaboration with their legal teams? Involve them early and often, “and bring chocolate!” said Linda Descano, managing director and head of content and social at Citi, during New York’s Social […]

Social Media Week 2014: LiveWorld CEO Discusses How To Humanize Corporate Brands

post by: Peter Friedman

Peter Friedman, Chairman & CEO of LiveWorld, discusses with International Business Times Social Media Week 2014 where the company co-sponsored an event with Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE), which highlighted strategies regulated businesses can use to connect personally with customers in order to turn engagement into business results.

New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS: Balancing Better

post by: Peter Friedman

Our company, LiveWorld, through the great efforts of our team, has seen good progress in the last few years. Along with that, we’ve had team members repeatedly come close to burning out—including me. I’d like to see us continue to grow and do well, but in a more balanced fashion. Some of this is better […]