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Six Tips to Get Your Customers Talking About Your Brand at the Dinner Table

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

Employees and even executives sometimes start to think about their customers with an “us vs. them” mentality, particularly in times of stress—during, say, the busy holiday season or when a customer has a complaint. That’s a dangerous mindset, especially if it becomes habitual. Competitive advantage these days demands customer-centricity. The more customers your organizations can […]

Shelly Palmer Digital Leadership Podcast Episode #37 – Peter Friedman, Chairman and CEO of LiveWorld

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

LiveWorld is a trusted social media moderation partner to the world’s largest brands, and it provides brands a competitive advantage through management of user content, amplifying brand presence and increasing customer loyalty. Shelly talks to LiveWorld’s Chairman and CEO, Peter Friedman, to find out some more about the company. What differentiates LiveWorld from other similar […]