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Maximize the Customer Experience in a Socially Charged World

Social customer experience is the chief battleground for brands; it is where consumers’ eyes, ears, minds and hearts are. How can you Maximize the Customer Experience in a Socially Charged World? LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, prepares your brand for battle in his presentation for the Marketing Profs Virtual Conference Series. According to Gartner, 89% of […]

CEO Peter Friedman Offers Social Media Insight on C-Suite TV

Engagement, strategy, and moderation are all critical for establishing a strong brand identity on social media, which leads to a consistent customer experience and ROI from these channels. Yet even Fortune 500 companies struggle with it, from creating a cohesive strategy, executing programs, and finding the right part of the organization to manage different platforms. It’s a […]

How To Create Your Brand Identity On Social Media (3 case studies)

LiveWorld founder and CEO Peter Friedman was interviewed by Sushant of Trep Talks. In the interview Peter shares what it takes to create conversations among and with your customers on social media. Peter also shares his experience at Apple, how his time there affected the rest of his entrepreneurial career, and his work with social. […]

Peter Friedman interview about Social Storytelling by Money For Lunch Radio

Peter Friedman, LiveWorld CEO and Founder, is a featured speaker on the Money For Lunch podcast. Peter speaks with host, Bert Martinez, on how CMO’s can make use of social storytelling for their brand, brand identity, and how CMO’s can build their social media team. Peter and Bert also speak about Peter’s upcoming book, The […]

How To Become A Social Storyteller

Our own LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, has written an article on how to be a social storyteller for the Huffington Post. Peter shares the basics of social storytelling, such as, not just using social to make announcements and broadcasting, but moving to asking customers for their stories, creating and participating with them, engage with them. […]

Brand Reputation: Be in a League of Your Own

In A League of Their Own, Tom Hanks exclaims, “There’s no crying in baseball!” This sentiment has been representative of the business culture for decades. In many businesses, employees have been reduced to numbers on a spreadsheet, and decisions are based on the almighty bottom-line. There has been no room for the human experience — […]

Six Tips to Get Your Customers Talking About Your Brand at the Dinner Table

Employees and even executives sometimes start to think about their customers with an “us vs. them” mentality, particularly in times of stress—during, say, the busy holiday season or when a customer has a complaint. That’s a dangerous mindset, especially if it becomes habitual. Competitive advantage these days demands customer-centricity. The more customers your organizations can […]

Top Insights from Superstar Social Marketers in Regulated Industries

Peter Friedman, LiveWorld CEO at Social Media Week. Photo courtesy of Jay Bryant.How do companies delivering social media programs in highly regulated industries ensure smooth collaboration with their legal teams? Involve them early and often, “and bring chocolate!” said Linda Descano, managing director and head of content and social at Citi, during New York’s Social […]

Peter Friedman – The Price of Business Interview

LiveWorld is a social content marketing company providing moderation, insight and engagement. A trusted partner to the world’s largest brands, LiveWorld provides a competitive advantage through management of user content, amplifying brand presence and increasing customer loyalty. Kevin Price talks to LiveWorld’s Chairman and CEO, Peter Friedman, to find out more about the company. What […]

The High Value Of Facebook, Engagement Brand Building

This blog post is an extract from the Huffington Post’s article “A Different View: Why Facebook Is Worth More & Wall Street Is Wrong“ written by Peter Friedman Facebook is bringing new and greater value for consumers and marketers through innovative models of engagement brand building.  Critics, ranging from the advertising to tech to Wall […]