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An Executive’s Guide to Leading Social Media Marketing Across the Organization

Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, has written an informative new article for the C-Suite Network. In the article, Peter shares his experience working in social media with chief marketing officers and marketing executives.  He explains how engagement with customers is important, and how to lead on social media across a large enterprise. As Peter states in […]

Become the Social CEO

Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

Peter Friedman, LiveWorld CEO, has written about becoming a Social CEO for The CEO Magazine. Peter talks about the transformative power of social media and conversations with customers for a business. Strong executive leadership and support from a CEO can enable a company to leverage social media and the customer’s voice in an immense way. […]

20 years on: eWorld, Apple's spectacular online 'portal' failure

Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

The Register recently interviewed and spoke with LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, about the original online service and social network he founded and lead at Apple, eWorld. In 1994 Apple launched what some consider the first actual social network, eWorld. Peter led the project at Apple. In this article, Peter talks about the project he headed […]

Peter Friedman of LiveWorld interviewed by C-Suite Network Radio

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

Thomas White of C-Suite Network Radio interviewed Peter Friedman, CEO of LiveWorld. Peter and Thomas spoke about how to succeed in business, and about the qualities of leadership. Peter and Alan also spoke about C-Suite leaders, and how they must become advocates for their team and build strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Peter also shared insights […]

Brand Reputation: Be in a League of Your Own

Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

In A League of Their Own, Tom Hanks exclaims, “There’s no crying in baseball!” This sentiment has been representative of the business culture for decades. In many businesses, employees have been reduced to numbers on a spreadsheet, and decisions are based on the almighty bottom-line. There has been no room for the human experience — […]

Agile Dojo: A Question of Choice

Kevin Callahan post by: Kevin Callahan

For several years there has been a debate raging in the ranks of mountain bikers about wheel size, though first a bit of history. For most of their history, mountain bike wheels came in a single size: 26″ inches. For over 30 years those wheels carried riders and their bikes. A few years ago, the […]

Why Did You Start Your Business?

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

  Because we believe in the power of dialogue and relationships March 6, 1996: Jenna Woodul, my soon to be co-founder, and I were having breakfast at the Peppermill in Cupertino, CA across the street from the Apple building in which we worked. We were discussing whether or not to start a new Internet company. […]